AREX Delta Gen 1
  • AREX Delta Gen 1

    The REX Delta (REXDELTA-01) is the next evolutionary step in the REX Firearms handgun family. Building off the proven platform of the Rex Zero 1 series, the Delta is their first offering of a polymer framed striker fired pistol. The grip has a natural pointing angle that bring the sights in your line of sight every time you point the REX delta at target. Front and rear grip serrations are engineered to have proper bite in the hand, but not catch on clothing for concealed carry, resulting in a solid grip when it is fired, even in rapid succession. The REX delta is light to carry, yet comfortable to shoot even when with hot defensive loads. Low bore axis and clever weight distribution enables even a moderately trained operator to shoot fast follow-up shots with precision not common to other compact pistols.

    The REX Delta employs the proprietary Striker Double Action trigger system (SDA) which brings you a double action trigger safety combined with a distinctive “wall”, mostly associated with single action triggers. During the charging of the firearm (when slide is operated manually or during firing) the striker is only partially cocked and subsequent trigger operation results in initial cocking action before the striker is released. This system provides user with enhanced safety as the firearm can be carried confidently without a manual safety and with chamber loaded since the striker is not fully cocked. An automatic triple layer passive drop safety system (3DS) helps preventing accidental discharges in mishaps when loaded pistol is dropped on a hard surface or struck.

    The REX Delta (REXDELTA-01) combines concealability with performance. Features fully functioning ambidextrous controls on the slide lock/release and magazine release, steel sights, excellent grip texture, front and rear serrations, Striker Double Action trigger system (SDA), (4) interchangeable back straps, and a takedown that requires no trigger pull. The innovative two-stage trigger design has a short 2 mm reset, angled edges on the slide prevent clothing snags, and (4) interchangeable back straps so you can customize your grip size. Ships with (1) 15- and (1) 17-round magazine, polymer case, cable lock, and (4) interchangeable back straps.

    • Features


      • Ambidextrous magazine release
      • Ambidextrous slide lock/release
      • Steel low-profile sights
      • (4) interchangeable backstraps
      • Textured grip tape
      • Angled edges to prevent clothing snags
      • Striker Double Action trigger system (SDA)
      • Automatic Triple Layer Passive Drop Safety System (3DS)
      • Firing pin safety
      • Nitrocarburized steel slide machined from solid bar stock
      • Takedown without having to pull the trigger
      • Forward cocking serrations and full-length slide rails
      • One-slot Picatinny accessory rail
      • Sights interchange with some other platforms
    • Specitications


      • Model: Rex Delta
      • Caliber: 9mm Luger 9x19
      • Action: Semi-Auto
      • Manufacturer: Arex d.o.o.
      • Country of Origin: Slovenia
      • Trigger System: Striker Double Action trigger system (SDA)
      • Safety: Automatic triple layer passive drop safety system (3DS)
      • Barrel Length: 4.0 in / 102 mm
      • Overall Length: 7.0 in /180 mm
      • Sight Radius: 5.9 in / 150 mm
      • Height: 5.0 in / 128 mm
      • Weight w/o Magazine:  555 g
      • Capacity: 15+1 & 17+1
      • Color: Black
      • Frame: Polymer
      • Grooves: 6 grooves, RH Twist
      • Twist Rate: 9.8 in / 250 mm
      • Trigger Pull: 5.5 – 6.5 lbs.
      • Trigger Travel:  7mm
      • Reset Travel:  2mm
      • Warranty: Lifetime